Three years ago, I traveled to the South American continent for the first time — visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, and Bogota, Colombia all in the same trip. It was a wonderful adventure, and I had a fantastic time meeting new people and exploring places that I had only seen in photographs.

As the global pandemic has reduced the frequency of my travel, I’ve had more time to reflect on the places I’ve visited and the memories I’ve collected. Recently, I shared one of those reflections on my Instagram profile, and I think it’s worth sharing with you here.

The image that I reflected on was this one, taken from my hotel room my first evening in Buenos Aires in February 2019.

Buenos Aires skyline at dusk.

Have you ever just taken a moment to peer outside the window in a big city? Each of those buildings, with their hundreds of windows, balconies and fire escapes — is a place that another human being lives, works, eats, plays, laughs, cries…

As a frequent flyer, I often remark on how air travel is a humbling experience. At 30,000 feet, the world below is miniaturized — and I realize that, in just a few short hours, I will be tiny again too.

Looking out any window can have that effect — we peer into a world outside that we largely do not understand, cannot control and barely participate in. It’s all really beautiful to me… the size of our human family, the breadth of our diversity. Look out the window and learn to love what you see.

Although I often find myself looking through the same window these days, there is beauty here too. It’s a New Year and, like many others, I’ve committed to exhibiting a greater degree of gratitude — thanksgiving for that which I am surely blessed to have. My home, its windows, and the life that exists both inside and outside its walls… that is the greatest gift. A true miracle.

In this New Year, I wish you all the best in health and happiness, and I hope we’ll all have the opportunity to see through many new windows soon.

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