I don’t post about third-party promotions often, but this deal from Acorns is too good not to share. Acorns is a new platform that allows members to invest small amounts of money into stocks and ETFs – basically turning your spare change into savings for the future (that may grow if the market performs well). Refer a friend to the platform, and you’ll both earn a $5 bonus deposited into your Acorn accounts, which you can invest (or take the money and run!).

Earn a $1,000 bonus by referring 12 friends to Acorn.

During the month of February, if you refer 12 friends who each deposit a minimum of $5 (and maintain that investment for 30 days), you’ll receive a reward of $1,000, in addition to twelve immediate $5 referral bonuses. If you can convince 12 people to sign-up and invest $5, you’ll score more than one thousand dollars (!!!), which you can use towards your next vacation or to go on a shopping spree!

How to get the $1,000 bonus

  • Open an account with Acorns—I’d be very appreciative if you use my referral link. We’ll both get a $5 bonus!
  • Make a one-time deposit of $5 or more after account opening.
  • Share your referral code with 12 friends, asking them to do the same.
  • The friends you refer must maintain their $5 deposit for at least 30 days.
  • Your friends’ accounts must be funded by February 28, 2018 to qualify.

The offer terms state that referrals will be paid out by March 15, 2018, but I would not expect it until each of your friends’ accounts have matured/been open for 30 days.

Acorns is actually pretty cool

I’ve only recently signed-up after a friend tipped me off about the promotion, and I’ve currently got a balance of $5.01 after my initial deposit and a small investment profit of one cent.

A break-down of my Acorns investment portfolio.
A break-down of my Acorns investment portfolio.

When I joined Acorns, I was asked to select an investment strategy. Because I’m young and investing very little on the platform, I selected the “aggressive” portfolio option. My $5.01 is spread across Acorns’ holdings, with about 40% in large company stocks, 20% in small company stocks, 10% in emerging market stocks, 10% in real estate stocks and 20% in international large company stocks.

In addition to my initial $5 investment, I elected to invest the “change” from my purchases. When I make a purchase using the debit card associated with the bank account I linked, they’ll round me up to the nearest dollar, depositing that into my Acorns balance. Taking part in this feature, referred to as “Round-Ups,” is entirely optional and can be disabled.

Projected value of my Acorns account at age 63.
Projected value of my Acorns account at age 63.

That said, Acorns predicts a sizable growth in my investment balance based on these expected Round-Ups contributions and market performance. In 35 years, at age 63, their prediction model estimates that my Acorns account will be valued at $41,750.  That’s just from spare change!

Final Thoughts

I’m all-in… to the tune of a whopping $5! Seriously, if you have five bucks and know 12 friends who also have 5 bucks, there is $1,000 waiting for you. While signing-up won’t make you rich overnight, Acorns is a cool platform worth exploring, with a risk of only $5. Sign-up, get your friends to sign-up, and earn a thousand dollars! But remember, the deadline for signing-up and referring people is February 28th. And please, use my referral link so that we both score $5 bucks! 🙂

What would you do with a $1,000 bonus from Acorns?
Let me know in the comments below!

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