Update: This promotion has been extended and now expires on August 10 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Alaska Airlines has announced a new promotion that will allow travelers to book a second seat for the cost of just one ticket, plus the taxes and fees for the second ticket. Because the airline is blocking the middle seat at least until October 31st, you could get a row to yourself by using this promotion.

Alaska Airlines ad, text that reads Get the row with BOGO, For just the taxes and fees.

“We’re looking for new and creative ways to show that our care is always there,” said Sangita Woerner, Alaska Airlines’ senior vice president of marketing and guest experience. “With this BOGO sale and blocked middle seats through October, guests can get an entire row to themselves, which we hope brings even greater peace of mind.”

To take advantage of the promotion, follow these instructions:

  • Using the booking form on the Alaska Airlines’ offer page, enter your departure and arrival cities, dates of travel, and select 2 travelers.
  • Enter the discount code GETTHEROW in the appropriate field.
  • When selecting seats, make sure to choose the window and aisle seat of the same row.
  • The promotion is eligible for tickets purchased by 11:59 PM (PT) on August 9, 2020, for travel between August 7 and October 31, 2020

Note that the promotion takes 50% off the cost of each main cabin fare, essentially making it 2 tickets for the price of one. Applying the code on a single ticket purchase also presents the 50% discount, though you wouldn’t be entitled to a row to yourself as only the middle seat would be blocked.

Passengers whose disabilities prevent them from wearing a face mask will not be able to travel with Alaska Airlines, as the carrier has refused to grant an exception to its mandatory face mask policy. For a list of airlines that will transport disabled people without a mask, click here. If you are denied air transportation on the basis of your disability, you have the right to file a civil rights complaint with the Department of Transportation and we encourage you to do so.

If you are considering travel over the next two months, this deal is hard to beat. With a row to yourself for only a few extra dollars (taxes & fees), or a free ticket for your companion, you’ll be able to travel for less while enjoying some extra space. A full row will give passengers the opportunity to lay down, which is especially valuable to those of us who need pressure relief! Enjoy this discount and happy travels!

Featured image courtesy Alaska Airlines.

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