The Windy City. Architecture. Deep Dish Pizza. House Music. Sports.

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States, with more than 2.7 million residents. Incorporated as a city in 1837, but originally settled in the 1780s, Chicago sits along the banks of Lake Michigan. The city rose in prominence during the Industrial Revolution and is now a center of commerce, finance and innovation in the Midwest. Chicago attracts more than 40 million tourists each year. The city’s history, art and architecture, cuisine and professional sports franchises are only a part of the city’s draw. The city receives an excellent rating in our accessibility score metric and is a top destination for disabled travelers.

Guide Contents

Wheelchair assistance at Chicago airports.

Airport Accessibility

Chicago’s Midway and O’Hare airports are both connected to the city by train.

Wheelchair accessible attractions in Chicago.

Attractions & Sights

Roll your wheelchair under the famous Bean, go to the top of the Willis Tower and see the largest T-Rex ever found.

Wheelchair accessible hotels in Chicago.

Hotels & Accommodations

Wheelchair accessible hotels are available across all price points in Chicago.

Wheelchair accessible public transport in Chicago.

Public Transportation

The elevated train system is accessible at an increasing number of stations.

Wheelchair taxis in Chicago.

Wheelchair Taxis

Chicago’s wheelchair taxis are side-entry, so you can access the ramp from the sidewalk.

Wheelchair accessibility of sidewalks in Chicago.

Sidewalk Accessibility

Chicago sidewalks are passable for most wheelchair users, and the city does a decent job of clearing snow in wintertime.

Wheelchair accessible sporting events in Chicago.

Sports Teams & Stadiums

Baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer — it’s all here in Chicago.