The media team at the Aircraft Interiors Expo recently reached out to me for comments on the state of accessibility in the aircraft cabin, and where the industry must go to be inclusive of all travelers.

In the article published this week, I was pleased to discover many other accessibility advocates and innovators quoted, including UK TV presenter Sophie Morgan, Michele Erwin of All Wheels Up, and Chris Wood of Flying Disabled and Air 4 All, who I interviewed last year.

Aircraft Interiors Expo logo with text, Barriers to Flying, Enough is enough.
Image courtesy Aircraft Interiors Expo.

Our words, though sometimes piercing, were printed at length for the benefit of industry readers.

We discussed numerous opportunities for improvements in aircraft cabin accessibility, including:

Each of these critical areas for improvement deserve attention, and I remain hopeful that we will see positive progress on some of those in the future — much sooner than I might have expected just a few years ago.

To read the full article and hear what I and my fellow disability advocates had to say, you can find it here: Barriers to Flying: “Enough is enough.”

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