PHOTO: Paris skyline at dusk, with the Eiffel Tower at the center.

For Americans, Europe is "across the pond." The continent is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to its West and the Asian continent to its East. Europe contains 50 internationally recognized countries.

As is true with much of the world, accessibility is continuously improving in Europe. Each country and city is different in both the accommodations and challenges it presents to the wheelchair traveler. An accurate review of accessibility in Europe must take into account the fact that there are 50 countries each setting their own policy.

Use the destination guides linked below to plan your wheelchair accessible vacation in Europe. Each guide contains key insights I have learned from my extensive travels across the continent. Tour the Louvre in Paris. Sail across the Oslo Fjord. Admire the beauty of The Kremlin from Red Square in Moscow. You can do it all... even in a wheelchair. Let me show you how.

Subway Metro Icon  Includes information on train, subway & city bus service.
Wheelchair Taxi  Includes information & price of wheelchair taxi services.



Brussels  Subway Metro Icon Wheelchair Taxi


Prague  Subway Metro Icon Wheelchair Taxi


Paris  Subway Metro Icon Wheelchair Taxi


Berlin  Subway Metro Icon Wheelchair Taxi

Munich  Subway Metro Icon Wheelchair Taxi


Amsterdam  Subway Metro Icon


Oslo  Subway Metro Icon Wheelchair Taxi


Bucharest  Subway Metro Icon Wheelchair Taxi


Moscow  Subway Metro Icon Wheelchair Taxi