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An overseas territory of Great Britain, Gibraltar is located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, sharing a border with Spain. Just 2.6-square-miles in size, Gibraltar has become one of Europe's most incredible vacation spots, filled with natural beauty and a fantastic weather climate.

With the discovery of the remains of a neanderthal woman in 1848, together with that of a child in 1926, Gibraltar became an area of intense anthropological study. But its modern history has long been dominated by intense conflict, including 14 sieges. Tourists to Gibraltar dive into this incredible history, while surrounded by the picturesque beauty of the Rock of Gibraltar.

With increased development and a greater attention to public infrastructure, Gibraltar has torn down many of the barriers to wheelchair travel. A modern airport and public transportation system, accessible beaches and tourist attractions, and a disability-friendly local government are all examples of this progress. Use this guide to plan your wheelchair accessible Gibraltar vacation and experience all of the city's memorable treasures.

Guide Contents

Airport Accessibility

With a new terminal opened in 2012, Gibraltar Airport is 100% accessible to wheelchair users.

Attractions & Sights

Information on wheelchair accessibility at the Rock of Gibraltar, Europa Point, accessible beaches, the World War II tunnels and more.

Hotels & Accommodations

A few local hotels offer wheelchair accessible hotel rooms with roll-in showers.

Public Transportation

Gibraltar's city bus system is wheelchair accessible and easy to use.

Wheelchair Taxis

While the adapted taxis aren't 100% accessible, they will work for most wheelchair tourists.

"Roll-ability" of City Sidewalks

City sidewalks are maintained and feature curb ramps, but elevation outside of downtown adds difficulty.

Visa Requirements & Safety

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory that welcomes visitors from around the world.

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