The Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation operates city bus and paratransit services within the Fort Wayne city limits, providing critical transportation connections to residents and visitors alike. This guide provides tips and information for wheelchair users planning to explore Fort Wayne using public transit.

Citilink City Buses

Citilink is a city bus system that provides wheelchair accessible transportation throughout the City of Fort Wayne using modern, low-floor city buses.

City buses parked at station.
Photo courtesy Citilink.

All Citilink vehicles are equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramp to provide accessibility to disabled riders. Each bus features two wheelchair securement spaces with tie-downs and an available seatbelt.

While some city bus stops are marked with signage and a handful feature covered shelters, other stops are unmarked and visible only on applications like Google Maps. As a result, riders should wave at the approaching city bus to signal the driver, whenever possible.

Bus route map.
Image courtesy Citilink.

The fixed route city bus system consists of 13 lines which provide service to most parts of the city. Route maps and schedules are available from the Citilink website.

City bus fares are $1.25 per ride or $3.00 for an all-day pass. Reduced fares are available to eligible people with disabilities, senior citizens, and children under the age of 18. Single rides for reduced fare passengers are $0.60, while day passes are $1.50. Fares and passes can be purchased onboard with cash, or using the Token Transit smartphone application.

Citilink Access Paratransit

Citilink Access is the paratransit service of the Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation, and it provides daily service (except Sundays) within the Fort Wayne city limits. The cost of a ride is $2.50.

While the city has no specified process for onboarding Paratransit-eligible visitors, the ADA does require public transit agencies to provide an equivalent level of service to disabled people temporarily visiting a city. I encourage visitors to contact the Citilink Access team using the information found on the Citilink Access website.