Due to the recent surge in coronavirus cases in the United States, much of the world has instituted a blockade preventing Americans from traveling to many of our favorite destinations this summer. But some countries do remain open to us, and an interactive map developed by IATA and Timatic will tell you where you can and cannot go right now.

The map uses the same data that airlines use to verify that their passengers are permitted to travel to a particular international destination, and it is being made available free of charge to the public during the pandemic.

Screenshot of interactive map showing information about Argentina travel restrictions.

By clicking on a country, the map will reveal information about current restrictions impacting travel to that country. To show you an example, I’ve selected Argentina, which is the last country I visited before entering quarantine. Here is what the map tells me about travel restrictions there:

  1. Flights to Argentina are suspended until 17 July 2020. This does not apply to repatriation and medical flights.
  2. Nationals and residents of Argentina are subject to quarantine for 14 days.

What that information suggests is that Argentina is closed to international tourism until at least July 17. But, it is important to note that countries are making real-time decisions to mitigate their risk, and that the rules are changing frequently. While it appears the country may soon be set to reopen, the date on which restrictions ease could be extended.

The IATA map is a great place to start your research, but it is important to check other sources of information. One resource I would recommend is the U.S. Department of State’s individual Embassy websites, which maintain information on local travel restrictions in their respective countries. The U.S. Embassy in Argentina has provided information on that country’s current restrictions, for example. Other embassies around the world provide the same.

As we wait for our favorite countries to welcome us once again, let’s be sure to do our part to accelerate our recovery by limiting social interactions, keeping our distance and wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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