First Bus Aberdeen, the local bus company that operates public transportation in Aberdeen, Scotland, has announced a new mobile app feature that allows disabled riders to view wheelchair space availability on inbound buses.

Emma Scott, Operations Manager at Disability Equality Scotland, praised the innovation, saying that it “will give wheelchair users more confidence to use public transport during these uncertain times.” She added that, “By giving wheelchair users this information in an inclusive and accessible way, it allows them to make decisions about whether to wait or find an alternative route.”

Check out this video which illustrates how the feature works:

Customers using the app can track availability of both traditional passenger seats and wheelchair spaces. The latter is particularly important, as buses in Aberdeen have only one wheelchair space. This contrasts with the United States, where standard passenger buses are required to accommodate a minimum of two wheelchairs.

Of the feature, Andrew Jarvis, Managing Director of First Bus in Scotland, said “The app update is aligned with our longstanding pledge to improve the bus experience for our disabled passengers.”

First Bus has previously done some work to increase inclusion on its services, including the development of Extra Help cards, which allow disabled passengers to easily share messages with the bus driver.

Featured image courtesy Visit Scotland.

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