The charming coastal town of Brookings, Oregon is located just north of Crescent City, California and is home to approximately 6,500 people. The summer evenings drop to a brisk 50 degrees, with most afternoons in the high 60’s or low 70’s.

PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Sunset off the coast of Brookings, Oregon.

Beachfront RV Resort is located right on the beach, and boasts spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. It is fully wheelchair accessible, and if you give the owners advance notice, they will provide you the space of your choice. From there, we camped at the local Elks Lodge in the heart of town.

My wheelchair was able to comfortably travel pretty much anywhere in town, as all the sidewalks are clear and 99% of them have ramps. We discovered Brookings in 1993 when my mother-in-law moved up here. She has since passed on, but we still visit this quaint little town in our fifth wheel every couple of  years.

I am still able to walk with a cane or walker, but have major limitations going distance, or up inclines. As such, we travel with my electric wheelchair, and portable stairs.

My husband removes the seat portion of my wheelchair, and with the help of his custom bars (see photo) and a couple of two-by-sixes, he is able to store the wheelchair in the storage compartment of our rig. He then places the detached seat inside the rig until we arrive at our next destination. The stairs are spaced 7″ apart (vs. 9″) and the railing empowers me to get in and out of the RV safely. Although our stairs are great, they are bulky to transport, and we plan to replace the RV stairs with 7″ gap stairs (sold on Amazon).

The dining scene in Brookings is good, and if you enjoy seafood, I’d recommend a visit to The Hungry Clam, who boasts fantastic fish and chips. They get quite busy, but are well worth the wait!!

This town also has some fun shopping on the 101, to include an eclectic consignment shop filled with goodies you won’t find anyplace else! All this in addition to the beautiful Pacific Northwest coast, and giant redwood trees!

PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A deer in Brookings, Oregon.Brookings, Oregon is located on the coast, just north of Crescent City, California. When you cross the state line, the first town you technically encounter is Harbor, Oregon and then a few blocks later is Brookings. Harbor is also beautiful and many of the locals pay no attention to the differences of Harbor or Brookings but if you use a wheelchair at all, you will instantly notice the difference. The sidewalks in Harbor are much older, and do not always have ramps. Brookings on the other hand, is very wheelchair friendly.

The good natured people who live in the area are also a resource. So much so that when I had stopped on the side of the road to clean up after my beagle, two motorists stopped and offered to help. I didn’t need help, but I sure did appreciate the offers and consideration! I encourage you to visit this delightful little beach town!

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