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Summer’s here; it’s time to travel. But even with all of the planning and reservations behind you, the entire trip could still be ruined simply by discovering upon arrival that you don’t have adequate access to a bathroom. A GO-Anywhere Chair™ from GO! Mobility Solutions ( just might mean the difference between the best trip ever and an unmitigated disaster.

Safe, convenient, affordable and completely PORTABLE, these lightweight commode, shower wheelchairs and tub sliders collapse and pack into discreet and stylish, padded, wheeled travel bags and require absolutely no tools to assemble.

Our seat and backrest cushions are constructed of durable, waterproof foam providing for maximum comfort. Both are attached to the chair frame with Velcro rendering them easily removable for cleaning or replacement.

The GO-Anywhere line of commode and shower wheelchairs was created to allow the handicapped traveler access to bathroom facilities wherever and whenever he or she needs to “go”.  There are 7 models from which to choose each filling a separate need. This guide will help you to determine which model best suits yours.

GO-Anywhere Commode ‘N Shower ChairGO-Anywhere Commode ‘N Shower Chair (SKU:CS)

The most basic of our rolling commode shower wheelchairs it is designed to roll over a toilet and into a roll-in shower. It has very few parts and assembles and packs up in just a minute or two. Only 18” wide it will go through just about any opening.

  • Roll-in shower is required.
  • Occupant must be pushed or able to propel with feet on the ground.
  • The seat and footrest heights are adjustable.
  • All four casters are equipped with total-lock brakes.

GO-Anywhere Commode ‘N Shower Chair – Self Propel (SKU:SP)

GO-Anywhere Commode ‘N Shower Chair - Self PropelThis chair is similar to the GO-Anywhere CS with the additional feature of having 20” wheels which permit its occupant to push him- or herself to the toilet and/or shower.

  • Roll-in shower is required
  • The seat and footrest heights are adjustable.
  • 20” wheels may be mounted on the front or rear of the chair.
  • The casters are equipped with total-lock brakes and the 20” wheels with hand brakes.
  • Total width is still under 24”. Rarely will you find a doorway that is narrower.

GO-Anywhere Commode, Shower ‘N Tub Chair (SKU:CST)

GO-Anywhere Commode, Shower ‘N Tub ChairThis chair is one of the two tub-sliders we offer. This model may be used just as the GO-Anywhere CS (commode, shower wheelchair shown above). The difference is that the CST includes bridge members and a Tub Section. In effect, this model provides an “insurance policy” for those times when you find that there is no roll-in shower available. The seat assembly glides effortlessly from the outside of the tub, over the tub wall and into position beneath the showerhead. There’s no need for dangerous transfers or lifting. When finished, the seat slides back over the wheels and can be disconnected from the tub.

  • Roll-in shower is NOT required.
  • Works in both right- and left-handed tubs.
  • The seat and footrest heights are adjustable.
  • A perfect solution for rental housing having no roll-in shower.

We offer two “stationary” models meaning they have no wheels. They are, however, still fully-portable. These tub chairs are best suited for individuals who wish to transfer from their wheelchair in the bathroom or for partially ambulatory users who need to use a shower chair or bench for safety reasons.

GO-Anywhere Stationary Tub Slider (SKU:STS)

GO-Anywhere Stationary Tub SliderThis chair functions in a fashion similar to the GO-Anywhere CST but without the wheels.  The seat glides into the tub for showering.

  • Roll-in shower is NOT required.
  • Works in both right- and left-handed tubs.
  • The seat and height is adjustable.
  • A perfect solution for rental housing having no roll-in shower.

GO-Anywhere Sport (SKU:SPT)

The GO-Anywhere Sport is the newest addition to GO! Mobility Solutions’ portable GO-Anywhere Chair™ technology offering a new bathing solution for active, independent wheelchair users. goes-anywhere-sptThe Sport has been designed on a versatile frame so that it may be used in a three different ways: In its most compact (standard) configuration it serves as a lightweight, but strong, Tub Bench, open to both sides for easy access beneath and comes with height-adjustable legs.  A stylish and convenient carrying case is available as an optional accessory.

A separate (optional) Transfer Section accessory utilizes two of the legs from the Tub Bench, moved from the inside of the tub to the outside. It has been thoughtfully designed to work in both left- and right-handed tubs. The Transfer Section accessory has its own (optional) travel bag which easily attaches with Velcro to the travel bag containing the Tub Bench.

An (optional) Backrest accessory is available for those requiring lumbar support. The backrest fits snugly into the carrying case provided along with the Tub Bench.

  • Works in both right- and left-handed tubs
  • The seat height is adjustable.
  • It’s small enough to qualify as carry-on luggage on airlines.

Commode ‘N Shower Chair – Adjustable (SKU:CS-A) & Commode ‘N Shower Chair SP – Adjustable (SKU:SP-A)

Our last two models are variations of the GO-Anywhere CS and SP discussed previously.

Both of these commode, shower wheelchairs have a one-of-a-kind, 3-way ADJUSTABLE seat back. The backrest may be slid up or down, the seat back may be moved forward or back, and the whole assembly may be reclined from a vertical 90-degree position to a nearly horizontal one. They come standard with adjustable footrests which may be moved closer or further away from the seat, up or down and it can bend at the “knee”. Even the heel straps are adjustable for bigger or smaller feet! A 2-way adjustable headrest and a calf strap are included as standard features, as well. That’s a lot of chair and a lot of ADJUSTABILITY and, as is the case with any of GO! Mobility’s products, assembly, disassembly and adjustment can all be accomplished WITHOUT the use of ANY tools!

These are ideal chairs for growing children as the seat back may be moved further back and the backrest raised as a child grows, effectively lengthening the useful life of the chair and eliminating the need to continually replace it as a child grows. We could even call these our “Grow-Anywhere Chairs”!

GO! Mobility offer a 30-day trial on all of its shower wheelchair so if you’d like to give one of these game-changers a whirl, take a look at or call 1-800-359-4021 today!

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