Tonje in her wheelchair in Warsaw, PolandMy name is Tonje and I am a 16 year old girl from Norway.  I use a wheelchair because of spinal muscular atrophy.  I recently went to Warsaw, Poland with my best friend, my uncle and my parents.

I flew Norwegian Airlines from Norway to the Warsaw Chopin Airport.  When we arrived, a big car with lift (an ambulant) brought us down from the airplane to the ground, where I got my electrical wheelchair and the manual wheelchair.  No waiting at all!  The airport was also very accessible and the people who are working there were very helpful.

We didn’t order a special wheelchair accessible taxi with ramps, but instead used our own ramp to get my power wheelchair into the back of one the the regular big taxis available at the airport.

We stayed for four nights and rented an apartment at the ApartHotel Dolcan Ochota.  It had two elevators so I could go inside. We didn’t need a special accessible room, just that I can go into.  The bathroom was big enough for me to get inside with my wheelchair and to turn around.

The first day we only took the tram to the center of Warsaw.   Most of the trams are accessible.  The driver just pushed a button and the ramp came out automatically.

The next days we took the train and buses.  They were a lot easier than the taxi!  And more comfortable for everyone.  We took the train to the airport on our way home.  It was super easy.

Tonje in her wheelchair at a train station in Warsaw, Poland

Wheelchair accessible ramps on Warsaw, Poland trains and trams.

I don’t recommend the old town and the war museum if you have problems holding your head up.  The sidewalk pavements were too humpy and made of too many old brick stones.  There was also a lot of steps in the old town so I recommend bringing a ramp.

We went to two shopping centres and both were super accessible.

All in all I think Warsaw is a very beautiful city and accessible for everyone.  The Polish people were very helpful and kind.


Tonje is a 16 year-old wheelchair user who lives in Norway.  She utilizes a wheelchair because of spinal muscular atrophy.  You can follow her travels on Instagram at @belieberentonje.

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