Yesterday, I stumbled across an interesting quiz on the website Jetpunk, which challenges you to name as many countries you can think of in 15 minutes.

The United Nations is comprised of 193 sovereign member states, but several other non-member states are included in the quiz, making the total 196. Of the 196 countries listed, I named 137, or about 70% of the total.

Map of the world, countries highlighted in red are the ones I failed to name.
Map of the world, and the countries I successfully named.

It’s quite the challenge, and I forgot to name three countries that I have visited: Cambodia (check out Phnom Penh), South Korea (Seoul is an amazing destination) and Vatican City.

To access the quiz, visit the Jetpunk quiz website.

Once you’ve taken the quiz, come back and let me know how you did. Which countries did you forget, and which countries would you most like to visit?

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