Last year, I met Mark Finley of Finley Holiday Productions at the inaugural TravelAbility Summit in San Francisco. There, he showcased some of his incredible work with the National Ability Center and the Moab Area Travel Council, including the following film about accessible outdoor adventures.

Mark’s work on highlighting the accessible outdoors hasn’t stopped there.

In March, his company attended a Public Lands Alliance Convention in Washington, D.C. where industry leaders plan all aspects of advocating for public lands. As part of that, Finley Holiday Productions worked with the National Park Service to produce this short PSA on the importance of accessibility in America’s national parks.

The National Park Service is working hard to make its parks and historic sites more accessible for Americans of all abilities.

Mike Litterst, spokesman for the National Mall in our nation’s capital, said “It’s not ‘national parks belong to able-bodied Americans, or those Americans who are best able to get around and see them.’ They belong to all Americans.”

That’s a worthwhile message to share with disabled travelers, who often think that national parks are not accessible. The truth is, they are becoming more accessible every day!

Have you visited any of America’s parks? Which was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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