The Emerald City. The largest metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle, situated between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, is the fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States. It is a seaport city and home to many iconic brands including Boeing, Starbucks, Amazon and Microsoft. Seattle is known for its picturesque beauty, with stunning landscapes that draw visitors from around the world.

Wheelchair access is problematic as a result of the city’s steep streets, but I have managed well in my power wheelchair. Apart from the city’s geography, Seattle boasts a level of access that is rivaled by few cities in the United States. Access to transportation is incredible – on light rail, city buses, water ferries, and taxis with wheelchair ramps. The city’s attractions are diverse, offering something for everyone. The Space Needle observation deck, Boeing airplane factory, Puget Sound harbor cruise, Seattle Aquarium and the Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum are just a few of the many things to see and do. You won’t regret making the decision to visit the emerald jewel of the Pacific Northwest.

Wheelchair assistance at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Airport Accessibility

SeaTac Airport is a major hub, and offers some of the most competent wheelchair assistance in the USA.

Wheelchair accessible attractions in Seattle.

Attractions & Sights

From the Pike Place Market to the Space Needle, Seattle is full of wheelchair accessible things to do.

Wheelchair accessible hotels in Seattle.

Hotels & Accommodations

ADA accessible hotel rooms are plentiful in the Emerald City.

Wheelchair accessible public transport in Seattle.

Public Transportation

The Link light rail and city buses are a great combo of accessible public transit.

Wheelchair taxis in Seattle.

Wheelchair Taxis

Wheelchair taxis with ramps are readily available in one of the Pacific Northwest’s most accessible cities.

Wheelchair accessibility of sidewalks in Seattle.

Sidewalk Accessibility

The hilly terrain in Seattle will present wheelchair users with some challenges.

Wheelchair accessible sporting events in Seattle.

Sports Teams & Stadiums

The city is home to the world champion Seattle Seahawks, but there is baseball and soccer too!