I’m not typically a fan of holidays. But Thanksgiving offers us an opportunity to gather with family and friends, reflecting on our lives in the spirit of gratitude.

And so, with Thanksgiving Day upon us, I want to thank you. Not just for your readership and support, but for inspiring me with renewed purpose. Your stories, dreams, desires and struggles encourage me to push for an accessible world, in whatever small way that I can.

In every travel talk and speech that I give, I start by highlighting the reasons to find joy in travel. Always first and most important to me are the incredible people I am fortunate to meet, and the relationships that develop from those meetings.

I chose “Open Your World” as the tagline/slogan for this website. I hoped to encourage in each of you an expanding worldview—not just through travel, but also people & cultures, art, history, music, theatre, sport, nature, cuisine, etc.

And, with so many of my readers doing just that, I am especially thankful today for our community’s growth in perspective, and the opportunities each of us have to influence understanding in others.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with happiness, love and gratitude.


All the best to you and yours,

John Morris

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