The Transportation Security Administration has released a new video in its “TSA On the Job” series which details the role of Passenger Support Specialists.

TSA Passenger Support Specialists (PSSs) are Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) who have been specially trained to provide additional support to passengers with disabilities and guide them through the airport security checkpoint. PSSs are trained in disability screening procedures and can serve as an advocate for the passenger as they undergo the security inspection.

Passengers can request a PSS by calling the TSA CARES help line at +1 (855) 787-2227. If calling at least 72 hours before departure, passengers can request that a Passenger Support Specialist (PSS) meet them at the airport and provide an escort through security.

Check out the video below, starring Deborah Owens, a Transportation Security Officer at Washington-Reagan National Airport, which serves our nation’s capital.

At the 2018 TSA Disability and Multicultural Coalition Conference, the agency committed to training more PSSs so that they would be available to all passengers who request the service.

If you are planning to travel by air, I encourage you to take advantage of TSA CARES and the PSS program. If you do use the service, be sure to report back on your experience using the comments box below.

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