Washington, D.C. Sidewalk Accessibility

The majority of the capital city’s sidewalks are well cared for, smooth and even. Due to the harsh winters, some sidewalks will show cracks or contain rough segments. In general, though, sidewalks in Washington, D.C. are very accessible to wheelchair users. Curb cuts are present at all intersections.

Wheelchair users will encounter hilly or steep terrain in certain parts of the city. The areas in the center of the district, near the National Mall, monuments and museums is largely flat and easy to navigate. Utilizing a city bus route to get past a hill or difficult area is always an option as buses are plentiful and fully accessible.

Sidewalks and streets are regularly plowed and de-iced in the event of snow, but as with winter weather in any destination, wheelchair users may have difficulty navigating areas where snowfall has accumulated. The city’s bus service and metro rail systems are still operational in the event of snowfall.