2023 was a banner year for this website, with more readers than ever before — a testament to the demand for accessible travel opportunities. Readers hailed from more than 100 countries, demonstrating that accessible travel is a global phenomenon, and disabled travelers are a market segment that businesses can no longer ignore.

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I previously published my own 2023 Accessible Travel Year in Review, but it is also important to look at what captured the interest of readers like you! As such, I’ve compiled a list of the year’s most popular content to showcase what gained the attention of the world’s largest community of disabled travelers. I’ve broken it down into three parts: the top 5 cities you read about, the top 10 questions you sought answers to, and the top 23 articles and blog posts.

Top 5 Accessible Destinations of 2023

These were the destinations readers read the most about in 2023.

  1. London, England Wheelchair Travel Guide
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada Wheelchair Travel Guide
  3. Rome, Italy Wheelchair Travel Guide
  4. Paris, France Wheelchair Travel Guide
  5. Washington, D.C. Wheelchair Travel Guide

This list looks a lot different than those from previous years, with some notable absences — Chicago, Dubai and New York City did not crack the top 5, while Paris rejoined following a multi-year absence. Two first-time entrants, Rome and Washington, D.C., took the third and fifth spots, respectively.

Top 10 FAQs About Accessible Travel in 2023

One of the most valuable sections of this website is under the “INFO” tab in the navigation bar. It features answers to frequently asked questions about accessible air travel, hotels, and more. These were the top 10 articles readers turned to for answers in 2023:

  1. Guide to Airline Special Service Request Codes (SSRs): What Type of Assistance Will Airlines Provide?
  2. How to Book Your Flight and Who To Contact for Wheelchair Assistance at Major Airlines (100+ listed)
  3. How do wheelchair users board the airplane, and what is an aisle chair?
  4. What are the ADA Design Requirements for Hotels?
  5. Do airplanes have accessible bathrooms? How do I use the airplane lavatory if I cannot walk?
  6. Guide to Wheelchair Accessible RVs and Camper Vans
  7. TSA Security Screenings for Travelers With Disabilities: How It Works
  8. Can I use my own wheelchair or scooter in the airport? Can I gate-check a wheelchair before boarding the airplane?
  9. Sample Hotel Bathrooms: What Do ADA Accessible Hotel Bathrooms, Bathtubs and Showers Look Like?
  10. Will my power wheelchair or scooter fit on the airplane? What are the dimensions of the cargo compartment?

While these questions ranked in the top 10, the Frequently Asked Questions About Accessible Travel section provides answers to many more — everything you need to travel confidently with a disability.

The 23 Most-Read Accessible Travel Stories of 2023

These were the top blog posts of 2023, based on traffic. Some of these posts were written in previous years, but they remain relevant.

  1. My 15 Favorite Places to Eat on the Las Vegas Strip
  2. 10 Luxury Hotel Toiletries You’ll Want to Take Home
  3. Ranking the Best and Worst U.S. Airlines of 2022 for Wheelchair Users
  4. First Look: Air4All Wheelchair Securement Space by Delta Flight Products
  5. What Airlines Won’t Tell You About Preboarding for Disabled Passengers
  6. 17 Cities with Wheelchair Accessible Uber or Lyft
  7. Review: Wheelchair Accessibility of Delta One Suite Airbus A350 (Los Angeles to Sydney)
  8. 18 Airports in the United States with Adult Changing Tables
  9. Answering Your Top 10 Questions About Delta’s Wheelchair Space for Airplanes
  10. Disabled? Get Free Entry to National Parks with the Access Pass!
  11. Top 4 Causes of Wheelchair Damage on Flights
  12. How to Unlock Europe’s Disabled Toilets with a Universal Key
  13. How Many Flights Does the Average Person Take in Their Lifetime?
  14. Family Sues United Airlines Over Disabled Son’s “Catastrophic Brain Injury”
  15. One Hotel, Three Rooms, Three Different Roll-in Showers
  16. Wheelchairs with Lithium-Ion Batteries: Can They Fly?
  17. Mailbag: Easy Accessible Destinations for First-Time Disabled Travelers
  18. Top 6 Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Accessible Travel
  19. One Thing American Airlines Does Better Than Delta for Disabled Flyers
  20. 10 Wheelchair Accessible Destinations to Visit This Summer
  21. No Accessible Airplane Lavatory? Wheelchair Users Should Pack This Item to Prevent Disaster
  22. Review: Wheelchair Accessible Greyhound Bus Service
  23. Review: Qatar Airways QSuites Business Class (Doha to Washington)

Which was your favorite article of 2023, and what new content would you like to see in 2024? Which destinations would you like me to cover? What questions do you have about traveling with a disability? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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